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Why Your Magento Store Needs A Custom Design, Template, Skin

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Unless you are a big brand like Amazon or eBay with millions of customers there is always a probability that your existing store design is not perfect and there is a great margin of improvements. We have noticed that many store owners are still using default Magento designs i.e. Modern Theme. Well, there is nothing wrong in using default Magento layout but it sends a wrong signal that store owner is not serious enough to spend on it’s layout and functionality. Keep in mind that to make your store popular, custom design is a way to go.

Magento is one of the world’s fastest evolving e-commerce platforms which is quite stable too. As per a statistics released by Magento commerce last month, they have powered millions big and small stores online. Magento is flexible enough for almost all kind of stores but for those who want something specific Magento gives the flexibility to customize the store entirely to match the business requirements.

Top Reasons For Choosing Magento

1. SEO: Magento comes with default SEO settings, which can be tweaked. You should update your permalinks properly to make them more user friendly.

2. Speed: Magento comes with default caching mechanism which is good. Although, there are lots of other factors to boost your magento store’s performance but you don’t have to worry much about caching for sure.

3. Checkout options: One time visitor don’t always want the hassle of registering, loging to buy a product. With Magento’s guest checkout feature you can easily tackle this problem.

4. Product Availability: This is also one great feature which tells your customers whether desired product is in stock or not.

5. Easy Admin Interface: Magento’s admin interface is easy and convenient with rock solid backend to ensure smooth running.

With all the above options, Magento is surely one of the best e-commerce software available in market. Considering that your store is up and running but you are still using default theme is not a good indicator of your seriousness. Due to competition, you need to change the look and feel of your store frequently, add new features just to remain in the eyes of your customers. Magento templates are the best tools for keeping your visitors and customers interested in your services, products. These templates meet high quality and usability standards. They also concentrate on the core requirements of your customers’ needs. The decent design and elaborate colour scheme bring the images and text to the foreground stimulating people to make quick decisions. So, you can be sure that these templates will help you in grabbing your visitors’ attention and will work on you!

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