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Website Navigation – The Key to Your eCommerce Success

Website Navigation is an important part of your ecommerce store and is crucial for your ecommerce success. The way the site navigates it’s customers says a lot about the website. A website that is easy to navigate undoubtedly is more user friendly and allures more people to come in to the website. Site Navigation is depended on the navigation labels that are assigned to it. Navigation label is the text that is placed on the navigation button. Navigation levels do not limit it to these only. The navigation labels that we see in a website are listed below:

  1. Titles
  2. Headings/Sub-headings
  3. Breadcrumbs
  4. Embedded Text Links
  5. URLs

Some of the guidelines that can help make navigation labels effective are listed below:

  • The navigation labels need to be complete with keywords that enhance the aboutness of the website.
  • The URLs should be embedded with keywords that make sense to both searchers and search engines.
  • The consistency in keywords, in aboutness, information scent, and search engine visibility. If a website has consistency then it is easy to manage the duplicate content delivery.
  • It is important that an e-commerce website does not purchase a CMS. A CMS does not allow one to customize the URLs. This makes it difficult to manage workarounds.
  • An information architect is a great person to hire to assist an e-commerce website with labeling systems. A guided expert advice on the proper labeling system can help the website gain in many ways.
  • Taxonomy is an important part of navigation labels. Hierarchical taxonomy is important.

The abovementioned features are the guidelines that can make your navigation labels function in a manner that is SEO friendly. These are the basics that an e-commerce needs to be governed with. A website that has good navigation labels is sure to experience success.