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Ways to Increase Conversion Rate of your Magento Mobile App


A better conversion rate is extremely crucial for the expansion of mobile commerce business. Today, mobile commerce has become a rapidly developing field and there are plenty options available that will help you go mobile instantly. Well, ecommerce businesses have stirred to a far better sales strategy that has mobile apps – then what’s exactly stopping you from creating those sales!

This is a booming era of mobiles, where 63% people are expected to do more shopping over their smartphones and tablets in next couple of years. Certainly, Magento businessmen can’t afford to stand out of the wave. However, the proper path doesn’t finish here.

Let’s look into how you can increase the conversion rate of your business with a number of tweaks to your Magento Mobile App.

High Quality Content

App content ought to be informative, interesting and fascinating. It ought to be attractive so that it grabs the attention of your visitors. Also remember that too much content is too distracting for mobile visitors. In short and correct content you must tell visitors that they have made a right choice by selecting your product. No doubts should be left in customers mind before they purchase from your Magento mobile store. Use customer centric and great punch lines to grab their attention. Shoot features into buyers mind by using bullets and place them at the top.

Stunning Appearance

Appearance and layout of your Magento mobile app is the foremost necessary facet to induce smart conversion rates. Your applications look must be enticing, beguiling and must have an honest impact on the customer who has downloaded your app for buying a product. Pictures of your merchandise should be crystal clear and should not make mobile application sluggish. Carefully create banners and alternate tricks that do not obstruct customers in buying process.

Improve User Experiences

Magento mobile app user experience should be very smooth. Users swipe and touch to select a product instead of click and pick. Hence optimize your mobile app to provide smooth swiping and tapping features. Faster the checkout process on both- your mobile app and e-store. It should be straightforward and as short as possible. Faster transaction means better sales figure.

Push Notifications

Push notifications for smartphones are an incredible way to grab customer attention. A right away message on their Smartphone and tablets urges them to see the online store and further shopping totally depends on your store’s commerce skills.

Increasing conversions on your Magento mobile app needs some easy steps and small efforts on your behalf. Optimize your store and create things simple for your customer’s – that’s the key to extend conversions!