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Why to Use Deep Crawl for Your eCommerce Business?

Online businesses believe that content is the most important thing for gaining more and more traffic for your store is by publishing fresh and authentic content. But, it has been observed that even with fresh content being constantly uploaded; the ranking of the website did not increase. Upon careful analysis using various tools, it has been observed the reason behind it.

Search engine is constantly crawling the world wide web for new content, new websites and finds old links errors and redundant websites. It helps in web indexing so that the visitors can easily find the required information easily as well as faster.

Deep crawl is such an internet bot that allows you to regularly crawl the data and prepares analysis of all the sites that are no longer linked with other pages thus helping the search engine to decrease their rankings. This tool is really effective for search engine optimization. It can crawl up to a million pages per second thus giving the developers a report about their store’s site to fix the errors. Thus, it has proved to be a great tool for increasing the rankings of your online store. The various uses are listed below:-

  1. It is really helpful for the buyers who want to purchase the product. The prospective buyer types the desired keyword in the search bar of the search engine being used by him and the spiders start to crawl the web for information by searching for the websites that have that relevant keyword in their meta tags and descriptions.
  2. If the meta tags and descriptions of site of your online store are error free and constantly updated, your site will be indexed by it thus displaying your site in the search result at a higher rank.
  3. It crawls deep into the text and thus helps your store’s site by indexing it for the buyers to easily find it. Also, if your url’s are not messy, it will properly be able to crawl your site for indexing.