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How to Use Categories to Effectively Run Your eCommerce Website?

The content that is on the category page can make or break the website. It is important that a website has the right content going into the category pages. In this blog we will go through some of the rules that the content in a category page should follow.

1. Components:
The components of the content can be divided into the following parts. It is important to start the category with a description of the same. Move on to who would benefit from that category and then the natural when and how’s of the category. It is important that category content does not overdo more than 300 words and that it is a general overview of the category at large.

2. Brand:
The brand is another important part that needs to be included on the category page. Why the consumer should choose a particular brand that is being discussed and how they are going to benefit from it.

3. SEO Side:
a. It is important that the content in the category pages are high on SEO. It is important to use complete and meaningful sentences.
b. The keyword strategy should be ready to go. Natural flowing content that has keywords can make the content good for SEO.
c. Break Up content by using headers.
d. The inclusion of links in the content that takes the user to a more interesting page on a website is great for SEO. The links should not be more than two per page.

The category content is an important part of the website. Content that does not focus on SEO or relevant topic is as good as invisible. It is important that content is given the required importance. Use categories to effectively run your ecommerce website. Good content on the website can help allure traffic and cause benefit in ways that otherwise is impossible.