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Is Upselling Good or Bad For your eCommerce Business?

Regardless of the industry, every ecommerce business wants to drive more traffic to boost its sales. Even if an online business is not making solid sales, it has potential to improve it. Upselling is one of the most effective techniques used to raise the sale of an ecommerce store. Upselling involves offering an upgrade or add-on to an existing purchase. For example, if a fast-food customer offers hamburger, he/she can be asked to buy French fries with that for a little additional money.

Upselling benefits both the customers and the businesses.

For customers, buying larger quantities may help them save their money as well as time. On the other hand, upselling helps the businesses to increase their profits by increasing their sales.

How to make upselling more effective?

Upselling will be more effective if used correctly by a seller. Sometimes customers think that the seller is trying to sell them a product which is more expensive. This is because of the poor upselling skills. Therefore a salesperson should have good upselling skills to communicate the offerings clearly to the customers. He should be able to convince the customers that upselling is not about spending more money but it about saving their money. Ecommerce businesses need to keep few things in mind to make their upselling tricks more effective and to maximize their conversion rate.

  • An important part of this technique is to offer the upsell at the perfect time.
  • The best time is when customer has decided to buy but before leaving your ecommerce store.
  • A skilled seller identifies customer’s needs and meets those needs with an additional related product.
  • This is the time when they are most open to suggestions for product enhancement.

Hence recognizing a buyer’s need and creating suitable upsell opportunity plays an important role to make your upsell strategy more effective.