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Unlock the ‘Raven’ Potential

Raven SEO tool is a tool that allows an e-commerce website to track multiple campaigns all in one roof. The Raven tool gives the user at a glance report of how all the following are doing in the market:

a. Paid search advertising
b. Organic Visibility
c. Keyword Tools
d. Competitive Analysis
e. Social Media Analytics
f. Link Building

Raven tools also come with features that allow the user to understand how to increase the rank in the search engine results.

Raven Tools and Link Building:

The Raven Tool’s link manager is something like an excel sheet, only a little more substantial than it. It has several SEO related outreach-tracking features in it.

Keyword Research:

Raven tools have a lot of features in its research domain. It helps bring in keyword data from various sources namely the following:

a. Google AdWords
b. SEOMoz
c. SEMrush
d. Open Calais Alchemy

This mix of data from all sources makes this a reliable place to research keyword tools.

Competitive Analysis:

The Raven tool has two branches that deal in competitive analysis.

a. Website
b. Analyzers

Website and Analyzers look at the overall SEO Campaign to find out the quality of the campaign that is behind them. An e-commerce website can use these reports to judge their own campaign success.

Raven Help and Support:

The Raven tool team has a great customer support. A user is guided through out their browsing of the tool with members and well-explained FAQs.

Raven Tool is an invention; the invention of which can transform the course of success with its usage. The benefits of using Raven SEO tool are humungous. It can be said to be an all in one marketing tool for the website. An e-commerce page can be said to be complete with this Raven tool.