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Turn Visitors to Customers for Better Conversion

Conversation Rate Optimization also known as CRO in the SEO jargon is the method of using analytics and the feedback from users to improve the performance of an e-commerce website. The Key Performance Indicators get a real boost of improvised performance with CRO. CRO is mainly used to increase the visitors on a webpage and if possible try to convert passive browsers into valuable conversions. Simply put CRO gives the visitors to a particular website the exact thing that they are looking for.

Why is it important?

CRO is important mainly because of the following reasons:

i. Higher Conversion Rate gives one a better return on investments. CRO helps to convert the traffic in a webpage into customers. This gives the e-commerce website a higher Return on Investment for the amount of effort and prices spent on alluring traffic.

ii. CRO is comparatively more cost effective than finding new visitors.

iii. Giving the exact thing to users who crawl into a website allows the website to retain customers with limited patience.

iv. CRO lowers the customer acquisition costs. Giving the right customer to the right website makes an e-commerce business cut on customer acquisition costs.

v. Affiliates and partners have a growing trust in the e-commerce business that is doing well.

vi. CRO gives the website a winning edge that results in the website wining over the other businesses.

Maximum traffic to a website does not help if the conversion rate is low. CRO helps give an e-commerce website the correct kind of traffic. The correct kind of traffic increases sales of the business and increases the overall span of the business. It is important that e-commerce websites invest a lot on CRO along with the SEO techniques that are used to get a higher ranking in the SERPs.