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3 Tricks to Boost Your eCommerce Conversion

In this competitive world, every ecommerce business is struggling to raise its revenue. But how this can be done? This can be done by knowing how to attract the customers to shop from your ecommerce store. Small businesses having little ecommerce capabilities should take effective steps to improve their ecommerce conversion. It is important to convert their marketing sites into selling locations. Moreover, they need to extend their customer base. You can achieve all these things by using effective conversion strategies. Some of the effective conversion strategies are given below.

1. Landing page optimization for better eCommerce conversion

You can increase your conversion rate by focusing on the look of your website. Before spending money on different marketing campaigns, it is important to get clean and professional website having large and high quality images. Since turning visitor into buyer starts with a quick glance at your site therefore you need to optimize your site design for conversion. Otherwise you will not get return on that investment.

2. Make it easy for customers to contact you

Another way to increase your credibility and conversions is to display your phone number clearly on your website pages preferably right in the site header. This will allow people to believe that you are not a fly-by-night operator and they can buy your products with confidence. This also provides them a feeling that the help is just a call away if they have any problem with your products.

3. Display reviews and testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials have the great potential to boost the conversion rate of an ecommerce store. Select some most effusive reviews and add them in the form of testimonial quotes right to your homepage. It would a great plus if you can get a photo and customer name to go along with the quote. When the visitors will see that people have purchased and liked your products, they will get confidence and trust you. Hence reviews and testimonials are great ways to increase credibility as well as conversions.