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How to Top SERPs Through On-Page SEO Techniques?

The age of Social marketing and constant need to rank well in SERPs has led to the development of vast On-Page SEO techniques to choose from. In this blog we will explore some imperative on-page SEO techniques that caters to the e-commerce’s ranking needs.

1. Meta Tags:

Meta Tags make an e-commerce’s race for SERPs ranking a little easier. Meta Tags allows to insert necessary information into the website’s page in the HTML format. Including a set of keywords for each of the page is all that a website requires to put up in the form of Meta tags. Word Press Plug-ins allow features like ‘All in One SEO Pack’ to enter Meta tag keywords, Meta description and page title on the page.

2. Body Tags:

Body tags are lesser-known SEO techniques. Body tags can be used in articles or blogs used on the website. The article can be chunked into smallerparagraphs. This helps the readersto have aneasy reading experience. These sections can be given a heading where H1, H2, H3, H4 etc. tags can be used. The H1 tags are generally used for the main page title with the following headings being assigned the H2 and H3 tags. Search engines use these body tags to decide what is important for the website. Keyword rich headlines allure search engines, as it is easy to differentiate between important content.

3. Image SEO:

The usage of images in the content is a great way to make a site visually appealing. It helps to break huge chunks of content and make the read interesting. These images can be used to increase the SERPs ranking. Naming the images with keywords will allow users to find the site from Google Images.

The above-mentioned SEO techniques feed the e-commerce’s needs to excel.