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Google Tools to Effectively Optimize eCommerce SEO Campaigns

Before spending money on search engine optimization campaign for your site, try to increase its page rank with the help of Google’s free tools. In addition, to earn and secure ranking of your website for long term, you need a search engine friendly ecommerce site design that meets strict search as well as user friendly requirements. Optimize the important aspects of your ecommerce business and try to drive more targeted and motivated customers to buy your products. Below listed are some free Google tools to optimize eCommerce SEO campaign to improve search engine rankings of your website.

Google Analytics

This tool allows you measure sales and conversions and helps you to know about your visitor’s behavior. In addition, it helps you to know which part of your website is performing well, create better targeted ads and calculate the achievements of your social media programs. This tool is free for the users.

Google Webmaster Tools

This tool shows you how Google crawls and indexes your ecommerce site. This tool helps you to know about any problem that Google has while indexing your site. This also helps you to identify the top search queries to drive huge traffic to your website, share information and to improve the visibility of your site. This tool is also free for the users.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

This tool helps you to find best text for your potential visitors and it also provides great idea about the keywords. With the help of this tool, you can identify what phrases or words will drive most traffic to your website. This tool also helps you to know what keywords are most profitable but you need to use Google AdSense for it.

Google Website Optimizer

This is used to test and optimize website. It tests individual elements or whole page and identifies the most effective elements of your site. It fixes and deploys compelling landing pages. It also helps you to identify most impressive content that drive conversions.

Google trends, Google page speed and DoubleClick Ad Planner are some other tools that help you to optimize ecommerce campaign.