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Joan M Joan M

The Extra Fee module worked as specified – and as needed (most important!) I did have a cosmetic problem with respect to another Magento extension, and the Magik Support Team was VERY timely (even though they are like 10 time zones away!) and did a great job fixing the problem. I definitely agree that the support team is EXCELLENT. Thank you Magik Commerce!


Awesome, in the same day the support team do ALL the job about my payment gateway “Pagseguro”. Extension usability very nice too.

Cintia Menezes
Cintia Menezes

The extension is great & the support is also great – I had some troubles installing the fee extension & the support was great helping me.

Luca MingoniLuca Mingoni

Magik Commerce is my favourite Magento market place. Great themes   above all great support from the customer service, for all your needs.


  We had some troubles while installing Hide Price module (entirely our fault) and they did respond quickly and provided great support
Gad Haviv Farrukh Naveed   Excellent product for hiding price, prompt and efficient support. I strongly recommend this product!
Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher

I had this situation where I wanted to charge my customers a one-time setup fee regardless of the quantity purchased. After installing the extension i inquired whether this is possible. Support guys responded nicely and pushed the functionality quickly in their next version. This is what i call EXCELLENT SUPPORT.

Egidijus Dave   I had some issues installing the module, working with magento & a custom theme. But support took over the installation issues immediately. Excellent mail support, thank you Magik !
Gad Haviv Jan Larsen   I had some issues installation the extension myself, but Magik have been providing assistance with the installation in a fast and professional way. The extension itself works great. I will recommend the extension.

Wendy LynnWendy-Lynn

I have been blown away by the quality and speed of the work from the Magik development team. They did an absolutely wonderful job in making our website responsive for a reasonable price, without them our small business could not have afforded a responsive site. I have been blown away by their follow through after launch. As with any website, there have been a few glitches, but Magik has stood behind their work and helped me quickly remedy any legitimate issues we found.
They have also been amazingly patient with us. After launch, sometimes problems appeared, at first blush they appeared to be in the code, but were in fact user error. Magik’s team patiently helped me discern between the real problems and user issues without pushing the blame on me or my customers, reducing the stress load on all involved.
I have worked with several different full-service Magento firms and NONE of them provided me the level of service and professionalism that Magik has for our transition to a responsive site. When glitches were found in their code, the other firms I was dealing with would spend more time arguing or pushing back than getting the work done, and it took forever. The Magik team understands that a website is crucial to a small business and small usability issues are big deals. Magik treated each comment I had as if it was a crucial business issue. They responded overnight in almost every case.
Also, unlike previous firms, when I asked them to document for me what parts of the code they had altered, they could do it. Magik provided me with clean documentation about what files had been altered and where, so that when I upgrade, I know what was custom from their efforts.
There were a few issues that our designer forgot to address, and Magik proposed excellent suggestions in the absence of strict instructions, which is rare. Typically, firms I hire to code something do not have a strong sense of design, Magik does.
I can not emphasize enough (1) the quality of their work (2) the speed of their efforts (3) their patience in times of stress (4) their understanding of how the website fit into our business (5) their ability to communicate clearly in emails — which is essential when working remotely and in different time zones and (devil) their understanding of clean design. See more

Gad Haviv Gad Haviv   Extra Fee extension helped us adding new features to our shopping cart. Good customer service.
Gad Haviv Lalit Pamnani   I am very happy with the support service , all our quires and one quick view problem was resolved efficiently and instantly
Gad Haviv Lukas Stepka   Useful extension with great support – Working as described, easy to use, customisable installation and extremely fast and useful e-mail support
Gad Haviv TheRealKG   Great SEO extension. Packs the power of many SEO extension into one easy-to-use extension. Support was great as well. Very satisfied.

Moshe LevineMoshe Levine

I tried every hack out there, finally came across this product. It accomplished exactly what I was looking for I wish I would have found this much sooner. Spent way to long. I did have a minor issue which ended up being my fault for not reading the readme file, support helped me through it in a matter of minutes from when I contacted them. I highly recommend this product if you’re looking to add a set fee to a product or category.I believe it does other fees as well, but I’ve only used it for category and product. See more

Egidijus amhustle   This extension works great. Developer support is excellent. Solid extensions.
Gad Haviv Byebyebirdy   Extra fee works Great extension, works as promised & i got really good support.
Egidijus Rosario   I’m very satisfied for the support and the functionality of Extra Fee extension that is important for extra additional field in the product page, in the cart and in the checkout page near the shipping method.I suggest to all to purchase this product.
Gad Haviv SpyderZ   Excellent Support – Dealing with a client website that is heavily customized had some initial install problems. Sent an email to support had a response back in less than 5 mins. Support totally gave us the right information to correct the issue.

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