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How To Temporarily Disable Shopping Cart & Checkout Process For Certain Products In Magento?

There are times when you need to disable shopping cart & checkout process for certain products in Magento eCommerce. This typically involves enabling customers, visitors to browse products, catalog and do everything else but either hide product prices, show call for price button, disable add to cart button, or show price but hide add to cart button instead show up an inquiry form. Use case can be different but the primary requirement of disabling shopping cart & checkout process for certain products remains the same.

It also answers similar questions like how to disable checkout for certain products, how to disable shopping basket for few products or how to disable ordering for certain products.

Decision to temporarily disable shopping cart & checkout process or permanently disabling shopping cart for certain products is a business choice. Since Magik hide price extension is so easy to configure you can do any of them with few clicks. We are not talking about disabling Mage_Checkout or anything which hacks the Magento core. Instead, the clean interface and powerful feature rich Magento extension helps you define your own set of rules on certain products or entire categories.

Disable Shopping Cart For Certain Products

Magento hide price extension can help you define your policies with an ease. Suppose you want to hide the product prices only from your visitors, guests (non-logged in members). The extension will perfectly hide the product prices from all non-logged in visitors, casual visitors but all regular customers, members will see the product prices.

Another use case is when you want to permanently disable add to cart button (shopping cart experience) for a certain product or category. The extension can help you associate categories thus products to this particular setting with an ease. If set, the extension will disable shopping cart & check out process for all products associated with said categories. When you are ready to lift this policy all you have to do is disable the settings.

That’s a perfect scenario for temporarily disabling shopping cart aka add to cart button from your customers for certain products. Keep in mind that other products which aren’t associated with the said categories will continue to show product prices and add to cart for checkout. This also presents a fruitful scenario to disable checkout for certain products or products filed under certain categories but continue to sell other products from your store.

We would love to hear your experiences of using, configuring the extension to suit your business needs. Please leave us a comment and share how it helped you to permanently or temporarily disable shopping cart in your Magento store.