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Customize your eCommerce store with the help of our technical experts.

How do I get product updates?

You can download the latest version of the product in the Download section. You can download new updates during your subscription. Once your orders expire, please renew to continue getting updates. Alert updates to your existing and potential customers about new price and stock status of products on your website.

How does the payment process work? When will I get my themes?

After you select your extension / theme, you are taken to our checkout page. The checkout page is done in one step. You then enter all required details and click "Secure Checkout". You will then be taken to PayPal to complete the purchase. Once your purchase has been completed, you can immediately login and select "My Downloads". You will be taken to your Downloads page to simply download your theme.

How is support managed for extensions and services?

Providers can include customer support information when the extension package is submitted. Customers are advised to contact the provider directly for support, using the information submitted by the provider.
For support issues related to Magikcommerce, contact: [email protected]

Do you provide support?

Technical Support is provided on our Support email [email protected] and you should not expect it via Facebook, Twitter or any other means. This is the quickest and most efficient way for anyone who has purchased a theme package to receive support.Moreover, the support that we offer shall include common issues and bugs that might occur, and not necessarily customization of any themes. Support for users of the our free products is not guaranteed but is provided when possible.

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