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Shop and Win Offers – A Win-Win Situation

Many e-commerce brands are coming up with ideas that allow buyers to win something with their purchase. Well, if a business is giving out things for free how does it benefit at all? The shop and win offers that adorns many e-commerce websites are not something that is mindlessly put to attract traffic. It is a well planned strategy that brings the best for the e-commerce website.

  1. The first thing that it provides is a huge amount of traffic to the website. Consumers always want more and if the more come in for free well it is like having the cake and eating it too. Attracting a lot of traffic to the website improves the ranking in the SERPs.
  2. The high traffic comes in with a high conversion rate because consumes try to bag in the best of the offers. This allows the e-commerce business to go high on sales without really slogging hard.
  3. The high rank that an e-commerce website gains because of the rush in customers stays for some time. This allows the e-commerce website to bask in its success even after the offer is not valid.
  4. This campaign allows an e-commerce website to gain a lot of success without really doing anything. On the financial side a perfect balance is maintained. This makes it a very cost effective marketing strategy.

It is difficult to find reasons why this campaign would not work. It boosts traffic, it boosts sales, it improves the SERPs and the effect of the success goes on after the offer. The easy on finance characteristic that this campaign has adds manifold to the stars that it has. Shop and win promotions are strategies that leads an e-commerce website to a win-win situation that has lasting effects.