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How to Set Product as Backorder with our Magento Backorder Extension?

Backorder is the ability to sell products on your website that are not in stock currently & can be available in future. Depending on your business, you may want to display these products on your website in stock or with a specific availability message such as “Backorder availability” with a popup showing some message related to availability like “Available in X days or any other information”.

The default Magento Backorder feature is limited and only allows you to place an order for a product and the “back ordered” message appears in the cart page. This is quiet misleading and is a huge cause for buyers abandoning their carts on Magento stores.

Our Magento Backorder extension is feature rich and flexible. It enables you to overcome this issue with ease. Here are the steps to achieve this using our Magento Backorder extension:

1. Configure Magento to allow customers to purchase out of stock products, this can be done as a global setting in system > configuration > inventory or per product


2. Mark the product as “In stock” which you want to show as Backorder on frontend. This can be done from inventory tab under product management.


3. Now enable the Back order extension from admin > system > settings > Magik > Backorder


4. Enable the Backorder Option for required product types from admin > system > settings > Magik > Backorder.

5. Using backorder extension you can change the “Add to Cart” text and the availability message with a pop up on the product detail page. So your customers will have detailed idea about the product before placing an order.

6.Magento uses caching a lot so it’s wise to clear the cache. Do not forget to clear cache from var/cache folder.

7. If you see a 404 Error when trying to open the configuration section, ‘Log out’ of the Magento admin and login again.

8. If you’re using the Magento compiler and had it disabled before installing the extension, go to System > Tools > Compilation and click on ‘Run Compilation Process’ to re-compile Magento and enable it again by clicking on Enable.

9. That’s it. You are all set to see the Backorder in action on the frontend.

Magento Backorder Extension works flawlessly with all Magento Themes and is compatible with latest Magento version. Check out our Magento Backorder Extension Demo here.

Please leave a comment and let us know if you run into any problem in installing and using our Magento Backorder Extension. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates delivered to your mailbox for free.