Why Are SERP Listings Important for eCommerce Businesses?

SERP is the marketing jargon form of Search Engine Results Page. An SERP gives out listings in response to a keyword query. SERP in association with the e-commerce websites holds an important key for the businesses success. SERPs function on the basis of three components.

1. User’s Search: A user’s search is the search that a user does for a keyword on Google.

2. Organic SERPs Listings: The user’s search gives way to SERPs giving out listings of the searched keyword. Google checks out websites with the relevant keywords and using a series of metrics. A website that passes this test shows up in the Organic SERPs listings.

3. Paid SERP Listings: Paid SERPs are sponsored links. A website can have their website ads featured by launching a pay-per-click-campaign.

Why is a SERP listing important to the e-commerce businesses?

Well, to put it simply, the listing /ranking on the SERP of a website makes or breaks an e-commerce business. Let us see how.

Maximum users prefer to search for their relevant keyword in the first page. There are very less users or consumers who browse for something in the second page. If a e-commerce website do not rank well enough to feature itself on the first page then it loses well, not half but all the business. The e-commerce business is nothing more than having an insignificant existence.

The ads that are floated on a website to attract traffic are relevant if they make it to the first page of Google. Ads that come up in the second page of the SERP do not have a higher chance of attracting traffic.

SERP is the way by which the e-commerce business can thrive. An improved SERP leads to improved business dealings. SERPs are the foundation where e-commerce can flourish.

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