SEOSpace Ultimate Magento SEO Extension

SEOSpace is one of the the most powerful Magento SEO extension that exists today for Magento store owners. SEOSpace helps Magento store owners to optimize store, pages, content, images, meta descriptions, meta keywords and much more. You can use SEOSpace HTML & XML sitemap along with nifty breadcrumb options to power your Magento stores.

SEOSpace Magento SEO Extension Feature List

Magento SEOSpace is an ultimate SEO extension comes with loads of features like:

  1. Titles & Meta Descriptions
  2. Canonical URLs for products, categories as well as CMS Pages
  3. Facebook Open Graph Support
  4. Verification & Tracking Code
  5. HTML Sitemap
  6. XML Sitemap
  7. Robots Meta

Titles & Meta Description

SEOSpace Magento SEO let’s you set templates for titles and meta descriptions for all types of pages, so you could come up with a template and not have to think about it. Now, you have the power to optimize your Magento SEO the way you want. Moreover, you can set the product or CMS titles, description or Meta information for a particular page and SEOSpace will ignore the default SEOSpace settings to show what’s specifically written for that page.


Canonical URLs for products, categories as well as CMS Pages

Canonical URLS help search engines (Google) distinguish between original page from derivatives carrying the same content. By default Magento doesn’t add canonical URLs to CMS pages and other pages as necessary. SEOSPace Maento SEO extension places correct canonical URLS to those pages, helping search engines to properly index those pages for greater reach.


Facebook Open Graph Support

Every Magento store needs social media attention they deserve. SEOSpace Magento extension hooks your store directly into Facebook by allowing you to add powerful social buttons to your storefront. It eventually increase engagement and click-to-sale on product pages through aggregate social data. Moreover, SEOSpace also adds the Open Graph data into your header. Check the above screenshot to know how it works.

Verification & Tracking Code

Google, Bing & Alexa need to know you own a site before they’ll show you certain information about it or enable you to use our tools. Once you’ve verified your ownership of your site, you’ll be able to do various things in their respective control panels. For an example in Google Webmaster tool you can:

  • See Google data for your site in Webmaster Tools, to diagnose potential problems and improve the quality of your site.
  • Add and manage other site owners
  • Tell Google when your site URL changes
  • Remove sitelinks from Google search results
  • Tell Google how you prefer your site to be indexed
  • Specify the geographic region targeted by your site
  • Request a change in Google’s crawl rate.

Unfortunately, in order to verify your site you have to update your store page and insert a Meta Key which sometimes becomes difficult for non-tech store owners.


This is where SEOSpace helps you setup all those in one place and those are automatically added to your store’s header. Similarly, Google Analytics tracking code is added in the footer.

HTML Sitemap

Although, many SEO enthusiasts share different opinion on HTML sitemaps, but in our opinion HTML sitemap is valuable piece of information for human visitors, as it allows them to find any page within your site quickly. Moreover, HTML sitemaps presents a very efficient way to distribute your link juice among the pages of your site. SEOSpace helps you create fully working HTML sitemap for your Magento store.

XML Sitemap

SEOSpace totally understands the importance of having XML Sitemaps. XML sitemaps are written for search engines spiders to fix crawling and indexing issues of a site. SEOSpace not only creates XML sitemap (as per Google’s guidelines) but also help you define which pages should be excluded, noindex from sitemap along with many other options. It also helps you exclude certain taxonomies out of sitemap if required. Using nice XSLT stylesheet SEOSpace helps your sitemap look human readable too.

Robots Meta Description

SEOSpace scans and suggest you possible corrections to be made in your robots.txt file for better indexing. Moreover, it helps you setup which pages, categories, tags, products you want to exclude from indexing in Google and other search engines.

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