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What is SEO Hack & How it is Practiced?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is process of affecting the visibility of your website on different Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

What is SEO hack?

SEO hack is one of the ways of hacking a website based on the different SEO practices that are used for uplifting its rank. It practices the bad ways of SEO for making the ranking low of the websites.

How SEO hack is practiced?

SEO deals with the content, back links, blogs, URLs etc which are used for increasing the ease of web crawlers for finding the website. There are mainly following ways of practicing it:

• By injecting links: Links are the hypertext or hyper images that are used for inter relating different websites together. This can be injected by two ways:
o By adding links and keywords to the comments of your blog. These are easy to fix done by deleting the spam.
o By injecting it through code in your website.
• By hacking the social media communities on Facebook, twitter etc from where the off page SEO is practiced.
• By copying the keywords for which the SEO is done and using it for your personal use.
• By copying your web content, articles, blogs, etc., and using it by editing to other places in such a way that the users can notice it. This will create a bad impression and the customers won’t come back.

SEO hacking comes under negative SEO practices which must be stopped at an initial level to make the website work smoothly. Otherwise, the practices involved in it can shut your work and can give a very bad-impression of your website. All webstore must take proper steps for preventing their website from being hacked. The page access should be given in very less hands to avoid any malfunctioning.