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How Does Robots.txt file Help Improve Your SEO?

What is Robots.txt file?

A Robots.txt is a file that prevent search engine bots from crawling certain pages of your website. The file contains a list commands that tells search engine bots which URLs they can or cannot crawl or index.

How to use robots.txt files?

Robots.txt file should be placed in the root directory of your website in order to tell the search engines which pages to skip and which to index. Webmasters use robots.txt files to help search engines index the content of their websites. With the help of this file webmasters can tell the search engine spiders not to crawl the pages that they do not consider important enough to be crawled, such as pdf files, printable version of pages and many more. In this way they get better opportunity to have important pages featured in search engine result pages. In other words, robots.txt file is the simple and easy method of easing the process for spiders to provide more relevant search results.

Why robot.txt file should be used?

In some cases, the use of this file may seem ineffective but it is very important for on-page SEO because it restricts search engine spiders from indexing all parts of your website. Some of the practical reasons for using robots.txt are given below:

  • It allows only specific bots to crawl your site. This helps to save bandwidth.
  • It discourages crawlers from visiting your personal folders.
  • It stops the robots from crawling less remarkable content on your website and provides them more time to crawl essential content that you want to be shown in search results.

Although, this is a very small part of the search engine optimization process but can be a significant benefit if used correctly. Robots.txt is very important to ecommerce businesses because you can use it to restrict search engines to index confidential parts of your website.