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How Does Reviews and Testimonials Increase Webstore Credibility?

Why should you Publish buyer reviews and testimonials?

Reviews and testimonials have a very vital role to play in ecommerce selling process. With the cut throat competition in the market and there is a considerable increment in the awareness of the customer while having purchases from any ecommerce store. Good reviews and testimonials increases the conversion rate as it clarifies all doubts the customer have before buying.

Reasons for publishing buyer reviews and testimonials include the following:

  • Gives a pre conception to the user before buying: The reviews and testimonials provide the customer about the pros and cons of the product and what are the necessary precautions to be taken to use the product efficiently.
  • Removes doubts of customer: It removes any of the doubts that the customer has before having the purchase as testimonials gives the complete view about the product.
  • It increases the SEO: By default, reviews and testimonials provide the webstore with absolutely new content and web crawlers just loves new contents increasing the rank of the website.
  • Increases customer loyalty: Reading good reviews and testimonials makes the customer believe on the webstore for having future terms and transactions making him loyal to the store.
  • Improves the product: By exchanging the problems about the product or services through reviews. It increases customer-seller interaction and gives the seller points for improvement.
  • It influences purchased decision: the purchase decision of the buyer is increased with good reviews making it more worth.

What impacts do negative reviews or testimonials have on customers?

Negative reviews or testimonials are good for ecommerce store as it increases the legitimacy and credibility in the eyes of the consumer. A store that has everything good in its review seems fishy. A few bad reviews sprinkled in a pack of good reviews makes the good one’s glow more powerfully. It increases the website’s believability.