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How ‘Recommendations’ Can Help Increase Your eCommerce Store Sales?



Ever thought what recommendations can do for your ecommerce store? ‘Recommendations’ can help increase your eCommerce store sales. The main motive of all ecommerce websites is to generate revenue and eventually profits. Recommender systems are changing from creativity used by a few ecommerce sites, to serious business tools that are re-shaping the world of Ecommerce.

Recommendations drives sales to a great extent making the customers find products to purchase. The recommender system learns from the customers by doing analysis of their previous shopping experiences and recommends product that the customer finds most valuable and attractive.

Product recommendation is considered as a standard customer service as to increase the interaction between the customer and seller. To meet this objective, ecommerce websites must provide an attractive virtual store-front, engaging customers with relevant product offering, providing an highly personalized shopping experience making the friendly environment with the customer that makes him feel important and satisfied, which welcomes and motivates the customer to come back.

Why recommendations?

  • It elevates the level of customer satisfaction by making a good visual store-front environment making the customer feel important and satisfies.
  • Increases customer loyalty to the webstore.
  • Generates more revenue.
  • Increased traffic and page views.
  • Better search results.

How an ecommerce recommendation adds value to sales?

  • Increases conversions:
    Recommendation system on any ecommerce store helps customer to find products that suits best to his needs, these may include unplanned purchases driven from recommendations made. Thus, it largely turns browsers to customers.
  • Cross sales:
    Recommendations for alternative, complimentary and generic products suggested as additional products or services to customers, if are found relevant and good by customers then there are major chances of buying it increasing the cross selling at an increasing rate.
  • By building loyalty:
    In ecommerce, where a next store is just a couple of clicks away it is very important to build customers loyalty so that he chooses the same webstore every time wants to have a purchase. It is important to provide customers a relevant experience for making value added relationship between site and customer.