Push Marketing – A Push for Success

Push marketing is a category of advertising. It is a strategy of marketing that pushes products towards customers. Push marketing is based on big-ads and attention attracting claims that are used to allure customers towards the products. Push Marketing strategies are traditional in nature. Push Marketing when defined on a broader scale can be said to be a marketing strategy that takes the product to the customer at the point of purchase.

The strategies that are implemented on push marketing are:

1. Primetime Television Advertisements
2. Free Offers
3. Direct Mail Catalogs sent to customers.

Push marketing do not believe in making long term relation with customers. It only focuses on attracting customers and selling off the products. Push Marketing gives a lot of importance to things like value, quality and innovativeness.

The advantages of push marketing are:

1. Minimizes time between a customer finding a product and the time taken to buy the product.
2. Produces results easily and without wasting much time.
3. Makes clear statements to the target customers
4. Creates a quick demand for a new product

Push marketing has its own share of disadvantages.

1. The effects of push marketing are temporary
2. It is expensive
3. Push Marketing has to come up with new ideas about a product on a regular basis. This is because the retailers do not believe in long term relation with customers.
4. It does not believe in customer interaction.
5. It keeps the customers away from developing a relation with the company. This makes it necessary for the website to re-engage the customers time and again.

Push Marketing has its own benefits and losses. Before engaging in it, it is advisable that e-commerce business realize that long term benefits are always success alluring than short term pleasures or successes.

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