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Psychological Triggers that Boost eCommerce Conversion

Human psychology forms an essential part of thee-commerce business. E-commerce businesses deal mainly with human behavior to increase sales. In this blog we will explore how behavior affects the purchasing behavior of consumers.

1. Principle of Reciprocity:

Principle of reciprocity outlines the urge to give something back in return to someone who has given something for free. Online retailers can bank on this principle by including free gifts in a consumer’s purchase. This can in turn make the consumer come back for more purchase or scroll the website for more offers.

2. Commitment and Consistency:

People who have made a commitment to someone do not go back on their words. If it is done socially then it is even difficult to break the commitment. Online retailers can bank on this psychological trait of human beings by making customers make commitments like signing the website’s e-mail newsletters. This make them think of purchase with the brand. If consumers buy from the brand then rest assured that the ball is in their court.

3. Scarcity:

The principle of scarcity states that human behavior is influenced by the thought that they may lose out on something. E-commerce businesses can bank on this principle by using advertisements that say limited offer or advertisements that say that low prices may soon be gone.

Human psychology is what the e-commerce domain plays with. Dealing with people involves human psychology to a large extent. An e-commerce website that does not give importance to human psychology loses out on most of the customers for extreme professional behavior. Humans as social animals like the humane touch to all things. Business when married to humane behavior brings out the erstwhile hidden customers. People friendly behavior is the basis of all success in e-commerce where customers make or break the business.