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Pros and Cons of Having a Mobile App for eCommerce Store

Smartphones have been ruling the market for a couple of years now. This has expanded the scope of sales through mobile applications as well as mobile compatible website.

Mobile websites are searchable through mobile search engines and are compatible with all types of browsers. However, when accessing websites through mobile it renders poor browsing experience due to small smartphone screens. One thus requires either a mobile optimized version of the website for easier browsing or a mobile application.

Mobile applications are specially developed software based on the operating system of a device, they offer the users a storefront in their pocket. Having a Mobile app for ecommerce store has associated pros and cons which are discussed below.


  • A mobile application offers the user with a custom designed storefront to fit their screen, using all the extra space utilized by the address bar on a mobile site. It facilitates easy browsing through product images and videos.
  • Another major benefit that comes with mobile application is that it works offline too. Customers can browse through your catalog even when there is no access to 3G or WiFi.
  • Since browsing is faster and the products are more efficiently categorized on a mobile app, users land up spending longer time on mobile apps than they would on mobile websites.
  • A user who actively downloads and installs an application will might as well use it
  • The applications once downloaded are always available on the home screen of the user keeping your brand in active memory.


  • It takes much longer time to develop a mobile application. This may be since every operating system requires a separate version, for example, separate versions are needed for iOS, android, blackberry, windows, etc., which also needs to be updated time and again with separate app versions.
  • Before actually using the mobile application, a customer has to download and install it. Most of the customers may not feel it necessary to download it. Only the loyal and regular customers will do it.
  • It is not a preferred way to target new customers since most people think twice before they actually download a new application.