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Why Product Description is Important for Conversion Optimization?

Product Descriptions are the windows that allow a buyer to take a sneak peek into the Real deal. A website may have the best of products teeming in it but what makes these products worthwhile is the conversion rate that it makes. If a product description is able to convert every browser into a buyer it can be said to be the ideal product description.

Why content is not enough?

A product description that endlessly keeps talking about the product with no photos or images of the same, it tends to encourage the reader to abandon it mid-way. A person interested in buying a product is also interested about the look and feel of the same.


Enhancing a product description with an appropriate video allows the user to get a better idea about the product. This may make the browser give the product a try. Consumers shelling out money require that their queries are satiated. A product description armed with image and videos give the browser no room for queries.

What do I have in it for me?

Adorning the product description with suggestions allows the browser to have an in-depth knowledge about the product. It also helps the buyer to have an idea as to why having that product adds to his needs. The idea that a buyer gains immeasurably by owning the product can be expressed in the suggestions that come along with the product description.

A product description that is well-armed with the images, videos and suggestions of a product has the higher chance of conversion. From browsers to buyers -This is the mantra that an e-commerce product description should adhere to. A product description created to convert browsers to buyers can bring in a high rate of business alluring conversation rates of mindless browsers.