Privacy Policy

Free support period for one Product totals 3 months starting from the purchase date of the Product. The term of free support can be prolonged when a Product update is purchased by confirming and paying extra for prolonged support.Support team shall provide to Customer, without additional charge, all reasonably necessary written consultation requested in connection with use and operation of the Product or any problems therewith, within above-stated period of time.Free support does not include achieving compatibility with third party solutions and is not provided if the Product has been customized. In cases when extraordinary support efforts will be required Customer will be offered paid support services. Contact us for paid support services.Support team preserves the right to ignore any appeals or requests, not falling under the present conditions. All information, acquired from Magik support team is advisory only and shall not create any warranty for Magik.

Service Level Agreement

Magik will provide support services via email ( [email protected] )

Product Updates

Magik will timely release the information about new updates. It is Customer’s responsibility to check for updates availability. Customer can claim updates via Support department.All updates can be used only as a replacement of a previously purchased Product, not as a separate copy of a Product.Magik reserves the right to determine which products will be updated and when. Magik reserves the right to discontinue product updates (if necessary). Updates shall be available to the Customer free of charge for 6 months from the original purchase date. After that an update would cost 75% of the current product price. Customer is not obliged to purchase updates every 6 months. The decision about whether to purchase an update and when is solely customer’s right. Customer can continue using the Product after 6 months from the original purchase date and can contact Magik for paid support services.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

Magik Products are not stand-alone solutions and require Magento to be installed primarily with a valid Magento License. Magik does not guarantee for its Product to operate correctly on any Magento solution, either modified or non-modified.Magik does not bear any responsibility for damages or incorrect running of the Magento solution, occurred due to installation or utilizing of Module. Magik disclaims any accountability for content of a site on which the Product is installed. Magik is not liable to Customer or any third party for any damages including, but not limited to, loss of business or business profits, loss of business information due to using Magik Products. By accepting this License Agreement Customer acknowledges to use the Product at own risk and has clear understanding of responsibility for any damage to own computer system and data.

Changes in Conditions

Magik reserves the right to modify these agreement terms at any time. It is solely Customer’s responsibility to inquire about any changes made to the present Agreement.

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