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Pinterest for eCommerce – Increase the Chances of Your Products to Go VIRAL

Pinterest For eCommerce can prove to be a perfect combination for your ecommerce products to go viral. Pinterest can get your company enormous reach. Several aspects of Pinterest make it appropriate for ecommerce sites. The most important is its format, which is entirely visual. Through creating different pin boards, there is an opportunity to get direct attention to specific items. This harvests profits on products that might otherwise be too low to qualify for any serious marketing budgets.

As for referral traffic, there are better sources in the online world. However, they are being still dominated by Google; there is also Facebook and Yahoo to contend with. However, data has shown an impressive increase in the percentage of referral traffic coming from Pinterest.

Factors that make Pinterest interesting are mentioned here:

Make Sure it Looks Good

It’s easy to let a Pinterest account look unprofessional, thanks to the general interface. The way you organize your Pin Boards, the use of attractive and unique board covers and profile customization can attract more people and eventually increase traffic on your ecommerce store.

Placing Pinterest Buttons on Product Pages

It is very important for an ecommerce store owner to make his / her products shareable. Many people prefer to socially share products by clicking the Pin button on a page. This ensures that they get a proper link to product pages out of the deal.

Protection With Watermarks

On Pinterest, there is a lot of noise about copyright infringement. The best way to ensure that one’s site gets its due credit, even if one’s image is re-uploaded or pulled from an unauthorized source, is by placing a watermark in one’s photo.

Use Descriptive Text Too

Just because Pinterest is about images, doesn’t mean that text should be entirely forsaken. Put context to images. This works especially well with special promotions or sales, giving chance to advertise at lower cost in a way that is easy to share.

Be Social

Re-pin and follow others too. Apart from this, you should also comment and like others images. Just do so in a strategic manner, focusing on images related to business or brand. Separate boards for pinning things can be used for the purpose.

There are some basic similarities between using Pinterest and other social media websites for ecommerce due to social engagement. The only difference is that on Pinterest visual content and propagation is more natural. To gain attention in a short span of time regular posts and unique content, will be of great use.