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Personalized Product Recommendation – Why and How it Works?

Personalized product recommendation has a positive impact on the sales curve. Customers are allured by customer-centric marketing that is based on their past shopping or browsing experience. The buyer readiness, engagement and sales touch new heights with this little tweak in the marketing strategy. Personalized product recommendation can be done in various ways to attract customers.

  1. Sending mails to customers highlighting offers and promotions based on their past shopping experience.
  2. Creating Websites adorned with features that help a tailor-made search of products based on past shopping experience.
  3. Giving search results with links to retails website.
  4. Creating online ads that show products from retailers where the consumer has earlier shopped.

Why Personalized Product recommendation works?

A personal touch to business always makes consumers willing to connect. The reasons why Personalized Product Recommendation works is because:

  • Consumers are guided to where they want to go without spending hours looking for a product.
  • Consumers are updated about when to buy a product they like because the retailer keep them updated on the offers based on their last shopping experience.
  • Consumers keep coming back to the website that personalizes their shopping experience.
  • Time saving shopping experience

It has been observed that many consumers have abandoned a website specifically for the reason that they spent a lot of time researching for the product that they want. An e-commerce website that has this feature of enhancing customer experience by using personal product recommendation saves on those customers. The ease with which the website can be browsed and the required products achieved makes consumers eager to come back for more shopping. An e-commerce website thrives well with the SEO techniques and other marketing strategies in place, but what makes it really unbeatable is the application of personal product recommendation.