Why Overselling via Your Social Media Platform is Harmful?

Today social media has become an integral part of almost every user’s routine and it has great potential to drive new and relevant visitors to your site. Most of the ecommerce businesses are unable to convert their efforts into profit by using social media platform and only 12% businesses feel that they are using the social media effectively.

Social media is one of the most effective and powerful tool that can be used by the ecommerce businesses to increase revenue and gain more customers. It is important to make sure that you are not overselling via social media because it can be detrimental to your purpose. Overselling may cause to lose your potential customers.

Today, more and more businesses are using social media for marketing their products. You should keep some important points in mind to develop a robust social media marketing strategy for your online business.

Avoid overselling your products and engage with your targeted visitors

  • Many online businesses that struggle to engage their visitors on social media are guilty of being too self-serving in their posts. Although sharing new items and special sales is great but these kinds of promotional posts should make a little percentage of your content.
  • You should engage your audience without selling products to them. You can do this by including a mixture of contests, encouraging discussion and by sharing your ideas.
  • Experts recommend that only 20% of your content should be promotional in nature. The remaining 80% of your content should be interesting that can engage your audience in conversation.
  • Interest of the customers should be kept in mind while creating the content of your ecommerce site.
  • Include current affairs, sports events or popular TV shows related to your business. This will show your customers that you value their interests.
  • Put up social media in every part of your ecommerce site ranging from login to sales funnel to engage your visitors.

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