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Optimize Magento Quick View Extension To Your Discretion


Magik is proud to unveil its modest extension named Magento Quick View.

It is indeed what you were looking for and the right extension for your online Magento product shop. This blog revolves around the Magento Quick View Extension and how you can efficiently make use of it on your online product shop.

There are boundless ways in which you can actually alter this versatile extension. Let us discuss them in detail:

  • Change the border color:

    Now you can change the border color of the lightbox popup from the backend itself. With a color panel provided in the backend, you can choose from countless number of colors and select one as per your Magento theme. You can also take a look at our beautiful and responsive themes from the Magik store.

  • Change the loader image:

    Pictures speak a thousand words! For this very same reason our extension provides an in-built backend option where you can upload any image of your choice, any number of times. With a depicted and detailed image, you can grab the attention of your shoppers and convert them to sales instantaneously.

  • Add information tabs:

    Detailed or not, information tabs with product information, description and reviews is a win-win kind of a situation for both customers and your online Magento shop. Information tabs within the popup allows you to display essential information like reviews and other product specifications. When a customer clicks on the quick view button, he/she will be able to see all the relevant information in the lightbox itself. Accompanied by an “Add to Cart” button shoppers can add that product to the cart without even visiting the product page. Now this provides numerous benefits to both customers and shoppers. Customer save time and buy what they were really looking for and your online shop makes a sale that indirectly increases the conversion rate. Last, but not the least, these tabs we talk about can be enabled or disabled from the uncomplicated backend of Magento Quick View.

  • Add buttons:

    Buttons, scrolling panels, sliders, spinners, accordions and many other were built to provide a user friendly UI. With Magento Quick View Extension you can now display add to wishlist, stock availability and add to cart buttons within the quick view light box popup. This provides the user with all the convenient options he/she needs and as mentioned above helps increase sales.

We provide support to all our loyal customers with the help of our abetting support team. The team is quick on their feet and always at your disposal.

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