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OpenCart SEO Best Practices For Success


So you run your store on OpenCart, great choice since it’s easy to setup and configuring it for better SEO is even easier. In this article lets only focus on OpenCart SEO and OpenCart SEO tips or as often called OpenCart SEO techniques that can be done in the following ways:

Step 1: Generic SEO

No different than any other SEO, generic SEO has been in existence for decades now and still the results never seize to amaze any of us.

SEO is about a lot of things. A lot of SEO techniques are being practiced by many experts every single day. But there are a few vital techniques that can really impact your online store traffic in a good and bad, both ways.

1) Web Content:

While planning the content for your website always keep in mind the following things:

  • Relevant keywords
  • Keyword density
  • How much of it do you really need?

Tools like Google keyword planner or a little research involving competitor websites can answer your first question. The second thing about keyword density is rule we need to abide by. A minimum of 2% is what Google recommends. Keeping that in mind neither a significantly low or a higher percentage can be helpful.

Content being the safest, most cost-effective and the most impactful method you have to decide the amount you need to put up on you website.
“Then again remember nobody likes to read that much content”

2) Back linking:

In a statement backlinking is to get more number of websites to point towards your website. Technically speaking different websites must add a hyperlink of your website. More the number of backlinks better is the ranking. Its even better if it is coming from high ranking websites. How do you get more back links?

  • Link exchange
  • Inter link your parent and sister company websites
  • Social media
  • Blogs

Step 2: The OpenCart Way

1) Search Engines Friendly URLs:

  • a. To enable the Search Engines Friendly URLs in OpenCart,
  • first login to your admin area
  • Go to Settings -> Server.
  • Use SEO URLs check the radio button and hit Save

2) Edit your Store Meta Title and Description

A simpletag and tag gives you the liberty to add primary keywords into your website thus leading to better ranking. Now how to accomplish that is quite simple, thanks to the comprehensive OpenCart back-end.

  • Go the Settings page
  • In the “Default Title” and “Default Description” boxes, write the title and description that you want for your pages. (Remember to use relevant keywords)

3) Robots.txt

Robots.txt help the Google bots/ crawlers to better index your website. Apart from that, the robot.txt file is used to specify to Google whether or not you want Google to index your website or just index a few pages from your website. In the end a robots.txt file for OpenCart is a must.

4) Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is the one OpenCart SEO enemy you should never make. One such example of duplicate content is when you show same product in multiple categories. The product description becomes duplicate content as it is similar on all category pages. To prevent OpenCart from generating this kind of duplicate content, you can use “Canonical Link Meta Tag” and set its fields to “Yes” on the same page.

5) Nomenclature

Use meaningful names for your images, like “sony-led-tv-40inch-grey.jpg” instead of “photo1234.jpg”. When adding an image of a product, write a meaningful description to be used as the “title” and “alt tag” for the given image.

6) Google Webmaster

A Google webmaster tool is free to use SEO tool provided by Google which helps your website get listed on the Google. You can also easily add a “Google Webmaster Tools verification tag” in OpenCart by simply putting the verification keys in your header template or using Admin panel.

7) Google Analytics

This helps you keep a track of your website and its performance based on different things like age, gender, location and much more. Setup your Google Analytics account for your store or add the store if you already have one. Generate the Analytic’s code and paste in your footer template. That’s it with time Google Analytics will show you everything that’s happening on your store.

After covering all the aspects of OpenCart SEO, now comes the step to execute one or all of them and see the results for yourself. We recommend you to pick a few and get started and get that traffic you always wanted. Feel free to leave a comment or just simply engage in.