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Is It Necessary to Have Separate Newsletters for Men & Women?

Newsletters form an integral part of communication with the customer. An e-commerce business strives to gain importance of men and women both. The question that arises is how important is it to have separate newsletters for men and women? The answer is it is important to have newsletters that are separate for men and women.

Different Interests

The product may be the same but the way that it is put in may be taken in differently with both men and women. For example, if an e-commerce website is selling sportswear the way that it’s advertised is different for men and women. Maybe in men one emphasizes on the comfort of the design and maybe in women it emphasizes on the comfort of the design and color. Sending a unisex newsletter may turn off many customers just because the message was not delivered well.

Different Needs

The needs of both men and women are different. It is important that newsletters are sent while highlighting these needs. Most people do not read through gibberish but if they receive a newsletter that speaks of catering to specific needs it may grab their attention.

Only Men / Only Women

The only men/only women caption allures customers because it says that the business specializes in them. A specialist is always looked up at rather than a business that tries to fit in all.

An e-commerce business always allures people if it has a personal touch to it. Newsletters that are sent in a manner that makes people feel that it is meant for them has a higher conversion rate. Men and women have different needs and interests and the way they look at things is different from each other. A newsletter created based on their needs will bring in conversion rates from both sexes.