How ‘Do Not Miss’ Category Attract Buyers?

What is the ‘do not miss’ category?

When you search for a product, you often see a variety of offers on the website landing pages. Majority of these offers bear a limited time validity so that the buyers don’t miss the chance to buy these products withing the specified time. One such category that grab’s the attention is ‘Do not miss’ category. This include products from each section of the website just to lure people.

This category is provided to the buyers on the basis of careful analysis about the buyer’s demands. An expensive cellphone which is in buyer’s wish list can be included in this ‘Do Not Miss’ category at a discounted rate. The privileges provided to the buyers is time limited as the products in this category are the “hot” items that have a large sales as well as items that are really useful for the buyers.

Why you should have Do Not Miss category?

Do Not Miss category on your Landing page is a great way to attract potential buyers to your store:

  • If this category is advertised, it will directly appear in the search engine query if any of the products in that category are searched for thus directing the potential buyers directly to the landing page of the store and making them willing to buy.
  • It helps increase the on-site traffic as more and more buyers are willing to check out the category for purchase.
  • It drives the buyers for making multiple or bulk purchasing thus saving the undue shipping charges that are incurred if less number of items is shipped at a time.
  • It is a good way to advertise your merchandise as you need not spend any extra money on advertising thus increasing your site’s ranking as a result making the buyers trust in you and increasing your site’s reliability.

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