Database Backup – SQL Backup & Recovery Magento2 Extension

Backing up your Magento2 store is critical to ensure that you back recover from any fatal server crashes or hacking incidents and get back online with your store and experience quickly. Magento2 Database Backup is designed to be a dead-easy db backup extension for Magento2 stores - so as a Magento2 administrator you can define your backup plan and see it all happen automatically on the schedule you have defined to the cloud you have chosen.


Magento 2 Versions

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Key Features

  • Database Backup
  • Offsite Backup
  • Cloudbackup
  • Installation
  • Customizable Actions
  • 100s of Use Cases

Protect your Store Data with Magento 2 Backup Extension

Regular Magento backups prevent you from any data loss and is essential for your store security. The backup process of databases is run as a background process without affecting your site performance.

Cloud Backup

Magento Database Backup ensures the backup can be automatically uploaded to Cloud storages like Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, gDrive, Once Drive etc. This is to save your website space and is good to restore in case your server goes down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I backup my magento2 database on a defined schedule?
Yes, with Magento2 database backup extension you can define the backup settings once and the extension automatically does the rest - on the defined schedule, it creates full backup of your Magento2 store's database and saves in predefined locations.
How often can I backup my Magento2 database?
With Magento2 Sheduled Database Backup extension, you have the flexibility of defining how often you'd like to backup once, after that the extension backs up your full database based on defined interval.
What alternatives do I have to store my Magento2 SQL backup file?
You can choose to store the backup of your Magento2 store in your email, on the same server as your store, on a FTP server or on external services like Amazon S3 backup, backup to Dropbox, Box Backup or Google Drive backup
Do you recommend storing my store backup on same server running Magento2?
No, ideally we would recommend that you keep your Magento2 store backup on a separate location to protect against fatal server crashes. This way even if your server goes fully down you have your backup ready somewhere else.
Can I restore database backup with this extension?
No, Current version does not support restore database backup feature. This feature will be coming soon in next version.
Can I have Magento2 Automatic Store Backup using this extension?
No, current version of extension only supports backup MYSQL databases. Automatic store backup with files,folders, images etc are coming soon in next version.

Release Notes

Magento 2 Extension version 2.0.1

  • Compatible Dropbox New Api
  • Fixed minor bugs & improvements

Magento 2 Extension version 2.0.0

  • Initial release