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How Magento Themes are Different from Other Themes?


Magento is a feature rich open source platform that provides a lot of scope for creativity. Magento has been confirmed as fastest growing platform in the list of Internet Retailers 2014. Lots of online business owner prefer Magento themes over other themes to build their website. Magento enhances the shopping experience and adds aesthetic value along with usability to any ecommerce website.

With Magento, designers have gained the ability to convert their wild imaginations into themes that can be downloaded and used. Dependency on programmers for small tasks has been completely eliminated by Magento. But, what exactly differentiates Magento themes from the other themes.

Here are the reasons why Magento themes are different from other themes:


Magento offers functions which are certainly not offered by other ecommerce platforms. Multiple languages, multiple store functionality, multiple currency support and SEO friendly features are a real treat that is available for free in Magento community edition. If you need other helpful features to control your store than you need to upgrade to enterprise edition. If business value demands more security and efficient performance than you can upgrade to Premium Enterprise Version.

Responsive Design

Responsive Designs are must-have for the success of ecommerce website. Responsiveness provides best visual experience for all visitors. Designing a website to cater both smartphone and desktop/laptop users is a positive way to maximize the marketing mileage.

30% of US customers use their smartphones and tablets for online shopping.

Retina Ready Theme

Retina Ready Themes make your website look good on any retina display. This functionality is highly indispensable if you want your customers to be truly satisfied. Clear and sharp images without any distortion make your online store look trustworthy and professional.

High Customization Power

With Magento Customization Services you can do ecommerce website customization, develop online store and customize shopping cart, module, plug-ins and themes or templates.

Magento themes are highly customizable which opens the door to design your online store exactly the way you want. You can give unique and attractive look to every product category and product page. It grants you the power to showcase your product in an innovative way which helps in improving your marketing efforts. It helps in creating brand visibility and provides great shopping experience to your customers. Uploading new range of products and configuring a temporary theme for contests, seasons and special sales can be easily done by the end users.

Swapping Multiple Themes

Magento enables us to load multiple themes at a time which allows you to swap between default store design and temporary season/ event designs. Well it is really an amazing way to attract customers.

Continuous Workflow

As Magento is fully object oriented programming, all modules can be easily accessed via template tags from any template file. With Magento’s feature rich right out of box, you don’t have to depend on programmers and designers to complete simple task. Magento thrives on vast community support of Magento experts and hence, you don’t have to think hard if you need any sort of guidance.

Reduced Debugging Time

With Magento’s modular structure programmers can easily spot flaws or hitch. This backend modular structure brings modular template system which reduces (X) HTML masses. It consumes very less time due to which online stores have to face less downtime.