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Is Your Magento Store Already Responsive and Device Ready?

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Not too long ago, a majority of sites were spending thousands of dollars to have mobile friendly, mobile ready interfaces for their primary websites. These mobile sites (typically were specifically build to support as many mobile devices (based on resolutions) as possible. Eventually, big stores due to different screen sizes ended up creating different mobile versions to support more and more devices. Those times were hard for eCommerce industry as most of the customer chose desktop version (the one which open on laptop or computers) to make a purchase. But with new devices in the hands of millions, the need for having optimized layouts for different devices i.e. mobiles, tabs, desktops of different resolutions and screen sizes have become more and more important. Creating different versions to support more and more such devices has become more time and resource consuming. Thus, came Responsive layouts.

What Is a Responsive Layout

Responsive web design is an approach to design site’s layouts in such a way that it provides an optimal viewing experience which is easy to navigate, easy to scroll and pan across various devices of different screen sizes. Check out more about responsive layout here.

Responsive V/s Adaptive Layout Theory

“Responsive design is a subset of Adaptive design” PERIOD! Responsive design is primarily fluid layout only. Adaptive design is primarily fluid layout + progressive enhancements.

Wait a Minute! Why I should Be Worried?

Seriously, you still think you shouldn’t be worried about it? Well, dodge this. Recent Pew Research study suggest the new age mobile or tab users are not only reading headlines (as expected) instead

many also are reading longer news stories. 73% of adults who consume news on their tablet read in-depth articles at least sometimes, including 19% who do so daily. Fully 61% of smartphone news consumers at least sometimes read longer stories, 11% regularly.

Do the math, if they are relying this much on their mobiles, tabs you can not deny that they won’t leave your site since it’s not optimized to be viewed on devices. They can definitely zoom or pan to see the actual layout if they want, still even if 5-10% of perspective customers leave your store due to Mobile Unfriendliness you are loosing revenue. In this competitive world, a minor frustration can take customers away. You give them an excuse you are a sitting duck in few months.

That kind of stats make us think is this the reason why I might not be getting equal or more traffic than my competitor? Hell yeah!.

Competitive world has enforced everyone to think big and broaden the horizon. Don’t let the opportunity slip and improve your improve your mobile commerce, with Responsive webdesign. Even Google is recommending smartphone-optimized websites. Apple have already patented retina display so expect your competitor to create retina ready layouts as well. Will that be worth your time?

How to measure the effect?

Well, this is kind of easy. If you log on to your Google Analytics you will notice the visitors from mobile devices. The question for you is how much of a percentage is that in terms of actual traffic. Even if it’s more than 5% invest your time and efforts to making your Magento store responsive. Just keep in mind that more and more people will use handheld devices in future so this number will grow gradually, even from countries with low bandwidth penetration.

Magento Responsive Layout Testing Tool

We have developed a nifty tool to test how responsive your Magento layout is. Why not check the tool and test your site now?

Please leave us a comment and share your views, experiences of working on responsive designs. How do you make your Magento store responsive? Why not buy a responsive theme and save yourself from all that mumbo-jumbo. We at Magik are constantly trying to come up with various responsive themes, you can always give them a try.