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Magento SEO & Performance Mistakes Which Invite Penalty

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Magento SEO Mistakes, Magento Performance Mistakes

If you are running a Magento store, by now you must have noticed the importance of SEO and performance. If you haven’t configured the default Magento options chances are you must be getting penalized. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules or tools to see for which mistake your Magento store is being penalized, dropped from search results, not all pages got indexed and so on.

Following is a list of common Magento SEO & Performance related mistakes (issues) which generally invite penalty by search engine i.e. Google.

SEO Mistakes

  1. Server Accessibility: Magento stores which go down quite often, due to server or hosting related issues are bound to get negative SEO ranking. It’s advised to opt a reliable hosting provider and not to be lured by cheap hosting packages (which generally don’t take load).
  2. Page Load Time: As per Google, site pages which take long time to load (more than 2 seconds) won’t get SEO benefits. I have written 27 points for optimizing Magento for speed. Also, don’t forget to check Magento optimization guide.
  3. Duplicate Content Penalty: Duplicate content is one of the biggest mistake you can make to invite SEO penalty. Delivering a page with and without www won’t hurt you as much as copied content from other sites. If you are selling same product (sold by other site), try to make the description, title and other data unique.

Most Dangerous SEO Mistakes

Store owners who know little SEO often do these SEO mistakes, unfortunately these mistakes causes severe punishments, in rare cases the entire store get banished. Never even try these black hat SEO tricks if you are serious for your business.

Hidden Links

Never hide a link using JavaScript or CSS to trick search engines like Google. Frankly, these search engines are much smarter than you think. They can detect a hidden link and can penalize your store.

Purchased Links

Many companies offering SEO services run back linking campaigns. What they do is contact other site owners and negotiate a deal to place your link on their site. Although, this is hard to detect, still Google has tools to figure our paid promotional links. If detected search engines can drop the listing(s) of respective store.

Exchanging Links

Just like Purchased Links, link exchange to manipulate search engines will eventually end up inviting penalty. Never go for link exchange or link exchange programs.

SPAM Links

Let’s be realistic, nobody likes SPAM content, link on their site. Many SEO companies offer to increase your backlink, fact is they create these SPAM links on many sites which in longer run gonna haunt your Magento store like crazy.

Unreasonable links creation in short span

Unreasonable links created in very short span invites Google’s penalty. These algorithm’s detect huge unnatural link growth in short period of time which is suspicious by nature.

Bad Neighborhood

Keep in mind that back-link from same niche is good but back links coming from shady, bad neighborhood, link farms can drop your store’s reputation.

Link origin

SEO black hat tactics which involves link creation from other region is also considered Spammy. Obviously, there would be few links coming to your site, but unreasonable links coming from Germany, France, India, Russia or Vietnam may causes suspicion.

Excessive Linking

A thumb of rule for links on page: In any case let’s not have more than 100 links on any page. Even in your HTML sitemap try breaking huge sitemap to 100 links per page and use pagination to display results.

Link Networks

Joining link networks to gain back-link is also bad, as search engines like Google can detect the networked link and penalize your shop.

SEO Over Optimizing

SEO over optimization is also not good, especially when you stuff your keywords, increase your keyword density over 10%, add unnecessary anchor links or do anything to over optimize SEO on-page factors.

Hidden Text

Don’t create text, paragraph which is hidden from regular user, customers but is visible to search engines. Creating hidden text to increase keyword density or profoundness is not good.

Broken Links

Google webmaster tool indicate broken or not found links, try to correct the issue as early as possible. Unreasonable broken links can be dropped from Google’s index. Moreover, the entire shop can invite penalty or drop in reputation.


Never built separate pages only for search engines and separate pages for customers, users. Cloaking is easier to be detected and may invite penalty.

Using Content Spinning Tools

Content Spinning is something when you reword an original article, active to passive, use synonyms but eventually write the same thing. Many store owners use content spinning tool to come up with unique articles, promotional stuff which in longer run backfires.

Click Fraud

There are numerous companies running click fraud campaigns to click your search results to increase your relevancy and CTR. Refrain from Click Fraud at all cost.

Doorway Pages

Manupulating search engines by creating doorway pages for getting more clicks and links is not a good idea. Refrain from doorway pages at all cost.

Keep in mind that organic traffic and natural back link are best and any practice to manipulate search engines may invite penalty. All your hard work will go down the drain if caught, so it’s best to stick with what you have, refrain from black hat tactics instead look how you can build good content and traffic organically.

I would love to hear your experiences, comments and views on these Magento SEO & Performance mistakes to invite penalty by search engines.