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“Quick View”, The Ideal Extension Your Magento Shop Needs


Encourage sales and grow your online business with Magento Quick View Extension!

Undeniably one of the most sought-after E-Commerce platforms, Magneto is easy to use, install, configure and so are the resourceful extensions developed by Magik. With the amalgamation of this comprehensive  platform and the customizable Magik extensions, your business can achieve unforeseen heights.

This blog is centered on the popular Magik extension named “Magento Quick View Extension”. We shall start off with a brief introduction about the Magento Quick View Extension and then move on towards its lucrative features.

A brief precis:

Customers can now avert the scenario of moving backward and forth from category pages to product pages with the help of Magento Quick View Extension. In plain words, shoppers can save a substantial amount of time by viewing a quick scene of the product details without actually visiting the product page. Once a customer clicks on the quick view icon, the Magento Quick View Extension displays the essential product information in a Light-box theme. Sounds amazing already right? But wait until you learn more about the extension and its aspects.

The features of the Quick View Extension are abundant and beyond compare. Let us take cues from the following characteristics:

  • Sleek

    Quickly displays product details on product listing page itself using a Light-box pop-up. Customers can save time without getting redirected to product page.

  • Information Tabs

    Customers can see product information, description (short or long versions) and reviews in the customizable Light-box pop-up.

  • Fully Customizable

    Customize border color, loader image, product options, add to cart buttons, and more.

  • Dead Easy

    Easy to install and use. Designed in accordance with the native Magento store interface.

  • Support

    The Magento Quick view Extension supports all types of diverse products.

  • Configurable

    It displays all the options for configurable product in the Light-box pop-up itself.

  • Cross browser compatible

    Compatible with all the well-known browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Safari etc.

  • Third-party themes

    Works fine and provides Seamless integration with any Magento third-party themes.

What Magento Quick view extension does for your online product shop?

  • Facilitates user shopping experience
  • Makes your site faster to navigate
  • Adds usability to your online store design
  • Lastly it serves as a convenience for shoppers

Being simple, faster, reliable, and configurable, it indeed serves as a perfect extension for your product based Magento shop. Visit Magik web page to purchase our  extensive and modest Quick View Extension,

While you are at it, also take a look at our diverse extensions built to facilitate your needs.

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