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Magento Is Now Officially Supporting PHP 5.4

Good news for all Magento powered stores came just at the starting of the year. On 21st January, 2014 Magento has announced that they are now officially supporting PHP 5.4 which was a little late but very good move. In our opinion they should have come up with PHP 5.5 or PHP 5.6 patches too, but at least they have covered PHP 5.4 that’s also praise worthy.

Magento Enterprise ( & above) and Magento Community editions ( & above) can only be upgraded to PHP 5.4. If you running an older versions try upgrading the Magento version first and then ask your web-host to shift you on PHP 5.4 which is much better than it’s predecessors.

Magento on PHP 5.4

Right now Magento on PHP 5.4 is only supported by patches which needs to be applied for both Enterprise and Community Editions. If you are running Magento Enterprise edition, look for support patches right under “My Account”. Apply these patches based on documentation provided here.

If you are running Magento Community Edition ( & above), you can download PHP 5.4 patches from here, Magento knowledge-base provides tutorial on how to install or revert Magento patches.

If for some unavoidable reasons you are not able to upgrade to PHP 5.4, it is suggested that you at least upgrade to 5.3.28 as the latest version in the 5.3.x product line to cover security fixes.

Magento is also promising that they will use PHP 5.4 for all the future releases, so there won’t be a need to apply patches. Moving to PHP 5.4 just makes sense because it is more secure, has efficient memory management & improved performance.

Why You Need PHP 5.4 For Magento

PHP 5.4 comes with a variety of new and improved features which can boost the performance of your resource hungry Magento store.

  • PHP 5.4 can tremendously improve your Magento store’s performance & reduce memory consumption.
  • PHP 5.4 has introduced new language syntax including Traits, shortened array and many more
  • PHP 5.4 now supports multibyte languages
  • PHP 5.4 now has a built-in web-server CLI mode to simplify development workflows and testing
  • PHP 5.4 now has much cleaner code base thanks to the removal of multiple deprecated language features
  • It also comes with many fixes and improvements

All these improvements can make your Magento store more stable and fast. We would highly recommend to shift your Magento store to PHP 5.4.

Please leave us a comment and let us know your experiences of running Magento on PHP 5.4, do you see an improvement?