Magento Hello – Notification Bar Magento Extension

Magento Hello is a complete notification bar extension that is designed to be a dead-easy solution to notify and keep your visitors, customers informed about latest news, announcements, promotions, subscription, new offers, discount, deals or to educate about new updates and much more


Magento Versions

1.9x 1.8x 1.7x

30 days money back30 days money back
6 months free upgrade6 months free upgrade
90 days free support90 days free support

Key Features

  • Weekly Offer
  • Discount Coupon
  • Specific Dates
  • Installation
  • Customizable Actions
  • 100s of Use Cases

To display a Weekly Offer on selected pages of your website.

To increase traffic and keep customers engaged, Magento store owners need to drive customers to some of the most important product pages by offering coupons, discounts etc. on specific pages. Magento Hello is perfect tool to achieve this.

Displaying Coupon codes for particular products.

You can slide notifications or specialized text message with or without buttons, links or social sharing options. Magento Promotion bar can be customized to offer coupons for specific dates or future dates.

Catchy one liners to attract attention to one of your web-pages, product or service.

Daily Alert and Notifications for your magento store . Module is super useful for latest update and alert for your products and e-commerce business

Download link to a trial version of product.

Simple and easy way to inform your customers about something specific you want to convey! It can be download link, coupon or anything that you want to highlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I randomly show multiple Magento notification on a page?
Yes, with Magento Hello extension you can create five different text variant. Each of which can be fully customized for options like adding plain text, HTML or tags. Style the Hello bar to suits your theme template.
Can I enable Magento promotion bar on specific product page?
Yes, you can set the Hello for individual product page, home page, category page, CMS page, or for all pages.
Can I use social media button in Hello?
Yes, you can add social media buttons, icons button in Hello. Hello, extension supports plain text, HTML and template tags in content.
Can I configure Hello to display on my store within specific time intervals?
No, currently you can't set Hello to specific times. Instead, you can set Magento Hello to specific dates. Hello to specific times feature is coming soon.
Can I move hello from store's header to footer section?
No, Hello extension basically shows on the top to attract the attention of your customers. where you can highlight Magento News and Announcement.

Release Notes

Magento Extension version 0.3.0

  • Added Twitter sharing option
  • Added Facebook sharing option
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Magento 1.9.3x

Magento Extension version 0.2.0

  • New Add multiple content
  • Fixed minor bugs & improvements

Magento Extension version 0.1.0

  • Initial release