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Magento Extra Fee: Mandatory or Optional Whatever May Be The Type

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Ever since we developed the first version of Magento extra fee we were asked by various customers that there should be a way to create unlimited optional as well as Mandatory fee. The task was challenging since this wasn’t in our road-map but we took the challenge and eventually delivered this feature in version 2.0.

How to Create Mandatory or Optional Fee with Magento Extra Fee Extension

Go to Admin => Magik Fees => All Extra Fee => Add Fee and if you are running the latest version of Magento extra fee you will notice the option of marking the fee as mandatory or option as shown in the following screenshot.

Magento Extra Fee: Optional or Mandatory Fee Creation

Once the fee is created (Mandatory or Optional) you can apply it to any category, sub-category, individual product or shipping. Magento extra fee extension automatically detects the fee type and if it’s mandatory (setup fee etc.) the fee is charged automatically and if it’s optional (for gift wraps etc.) it gets added to the cart total. That’s it, simple isn’t it?

We would love to hear your opinion and experiences of using this cool feature of our Magento extra fee extension. Please leave us a comment and let us know.