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Magento Extra Fee: How To Apply Extra Fee On Grouped Products

A majority of store owners are using Magento extra fee for charging additional fee mostly for simple products. But, do you know you can charge your customers for all different kinds of products i.e.

  • Simple
  • Grouped
  • Configurable
  • Vistural
  • Bundle
  • Downloadable

Applying Extra Fee On Grouped Products with Magento Extra Fee Extension

The beauty of Magento extension fee extension by Magik lies in it’s ease. You can apply any extra fee, additional charges in same way to any types of products. So, if you are selling grouped products you can apply extra fee by going to Admin => Catalog => Manage Product and edit your grouped product.

Click on Magik Extra Fee tab on the left and you will see the list of fee you have already created for bundled product. Select the fee from multiple fee dropdown and select override category settings as YES.

That’s it your grouped product is associated with the fee you have selected. Based on fee type (optional or Mandatory) this fee will be applied to each products within the group.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help is setting up the extra fee for your grouped products.