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Magento Extra Fee: How To Apply Extra Fee From Magento Backend

Magento extra fee is arguably the most extensive additional fee, additional charges solution for any Magento store. Now, the latest release enables store owners to apply extra fee from back-end while creating an order from Admin Panel.

Magento itself provides an option to create any numbers of orders on behalf of your customers but what about Magento extra fee which they have to select from front-end while ordering? We know the pain involved in creating orders and missing something as critical as additional charges. Magento Extra Fee is intelligent enough to understand whether the product added to the cart (from admin) is associated with any extra fee.

How To Apply Magento Extra Fee While Creating Orders From Magento Admin Panel

Lets dig deeper and figure out how easy it is to apply extra fee from Magento back-end. Just go to Admin => Sales => Orders => Create New Order => Existing/New Customer => {Store Selection}. On Create new order page click on Add Products button to add items to the cart.

The Magik ™ behind extra fee extension detects whether the product added to the items ordered list is associated with any extra fee created in the system. If it does, the extension will automatically show all the options within item list as it is supposed to show on front-end for customers. This is done to make the ordering flow same for both customers and admin.

Magento Extra Fee backend Orders

As you can see in the above screenshot, the fee associated with the product is displayed right below the product name just like front-end to ensure same front-end and back-end flow.

We would love to hear your experiences of using Magento Extra Fee from back-end. Please leave us a comment and let us know.