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Create extra fees and additional charges for premium services and options in minutes. Display these extra charges on product, listing, checkout and cart pages to encourage buyers to opt for them and grow revenue on every order.

  • Rush Delivery
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Installation
  • Customization Fee
  • 30 days money back
  • 90 days free support
  • 6 months free upgrade
  • Magento Versions: 1.9x 1.8x 1.7x 1.6x 1.5x
    Release Date

Key Features

  • Rush Delivery
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Insurance
  • Fragile Packaging
  • Embossing
  • Installation
  • Customization Fee
  • Payment Method Fee
  • 100s of Use Cases

Apply Extra Fee for Rush Orders

Customers who need items last minute or want to get their products right away can use rush orders. These orders are especially common around the holidays when customers need to have the products before a certain date.

Surcharge Orders with Installation Charge

Pass on expensive payment provider fees or installation fees to customers in an easy and transparent way, without increasing your product pricing.

Charge Embossing Fee for your products

Make your products stand out with embossed effect with additional smaller emboss fee. Give your customer an option to buy embossed products with additional charge at the time of purchase so when the product is delivered it will be embossed with selected print or design.

Complete Feature Set

  • Create Fees by Shipping Methods You can configure additional fees based on shipping methods chosen.
  • Extra Fee by Fixed Amount Fees can be created as fixed amounts for say a gift wrap.
  • Extra Fee by Percentages Fees can be created as percentages as well, instead of exact amounts.
  • Advanced Fee Display You can display fee blocks flexibly based on your needs.
  • Multi fees by Customers Choose which customers can be shown the multi fees blocks.
  • Cart & Checkout Pages Display all the extra fees & additional charges on all checkout & cart pages.
  • Determine Fees by Shipping, Taxation & more Calculate extra fees based on rules that combine taxation, shipping & other conditions.
  • Configure by Payment Method You can configure extra fees and charges based on payment methods used.
  • Auto-apply Extra Fees You can create extra fees that can be automatically applied based on specific conditions.
  • Advanced Options You can define advanced rules & conditions to create & apply multi fees & additional charges.
  • Advanced Input Types Our extension comes packed with advanced input types to cover all scenarios.
  • Dropdowns, Checkboxes & Radio Buttons Choose to display fees in dropdowns, as radio buttons or a checkboxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply an extra charge for the entire order?
Yes, you can apply a fixed or percentage based fee on an entire order which will be listed in the order total box on cart page. This fee can be mandatory or optional.
Can I use shipping insurance as a checkbox in the shipping field?
Using our Magento additional charges extension you can define a "shipping type" fee which appears in the shipping area and you can define the fee to be mandatory or optional based on your business rules. The fee is then displayed in the shipping section.
Can I apply more than one fee to a particular product?
Yes, you can apply multiple extra fees and additional charges to any product in your Magento store. In addition, extra fees defined for Magento categories are also inherited by the products.
How to translate additional fee names into different languages?
Translating fee names in different languages is possible with Extra Fee extension. If you run multiple stores in different languages you can easily create store-specific fee names that will be applied to particular language store.
Can I charge a one-time setup fee for all products under any or all categories?
Yes, you can charge a one-time setup fee using Magento extra fee. E.g. If one-time "setup fee" is $10, then if someone buys 2 products (any quantity) from your store the extension will charge additional $10 for this transaction irrespective of quantity purchased.

Release Notes

Magento Extension version 4.0.0 : Released on 13th Jan 2016

  • Added support for multiple stores.
  • Added support for multiple languages.
  • Added support to create orders from backend & can use product & category type fees.

Magento Extension version 3.0.0 : Released on 30th Dec 2015

  • Added support for creating Flat Fee.
  • Added support to apply fee on order total.
  • Added support to create orders from admin & use product & category fees.
  • Fixed bug related to custom option while editing from cart.

Magento Extension version 2.0.0 : Released on 20th Nov 2015

  • New Added support to apply fee on products & categories.
  • New All product & category type fees can be mandatory or optional.
  • New Apply multiple fees for product as well as category.
  • New Fee details are now passed via emails and displayed under order review (Admin side).

Magento Extension version 1.0.0 : Released on 17th Aug 2015

  • New Ability to create either mandatory or option fe.
  • New Ability to create fee that can be fixed or percentage off amount.
  • New Added optional fee as checkbox for customers to select.

Magento Extension version 0.1.0 : Released on 23rd June 2015

  • New Admin users can add extra fees during checkout.
  • New Only fixed & mandatory fee is applied

Extra Fee – Magento Extension

Create extra fees and additional charges for premium services and options in minutes. Display these extra charges on product, listing, checkout and cart pages to encourage buyers to opt for them and grow revenue on every order.

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