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Magento Call For Price: #1 Magento Extension For Displaying Call For Prices

Magento Call for Price is the #1 and most powerful Magento extension for displaying call for price dialog (message) or request a quote form for Magento Community & Enterprise editions. Magento call for price is part of Magento hide price extension which comes with other powerful features like hiding product prices from guests, visitors and customers.

Suppose, you only want to hide the product prices from your visitors, guest but want to show prices to your customers (logged in members) in such scenario hide price option should be configured. But, what about hiding product prices for everyone and show up a personalized message, or request a quote form? This is where Call for Price Magento extension comes handy. It can completely turn Product Prices & Add to Cart button off. Instead, it can help you define what needs to be shown, basically you can configure the following options:

  1. Display a personalized message.
  2. Display your contact information, email address or anything else.
  3. Display “Request a quote” form with Captcha.

General Call for Price Settings

Since, call for price, hide price and inquiry form extensions are bundled together you don’t have to buy separate extension to achieve call for price functionality. Magento hide price extension is powerful enough to transform between hiding prices or showing call for price text or form. If you want to hide the product prices & add to cart button completely and display a form or text message this is what you should configure.

In the following part of this article, we will help you define global rules, configuration settings and most importantly how to use Call for Price on your Magento store.

Call for Price As Personalized Message

We have received numerous good responses and suggestions from our customers and we have listened to their feature requests. Since, displaying a personalized message to customers was no-brainier we have implemented that with perfection. The power of call for price is that you can show specific text to your customers as well. You can display a personalized message, contact information, email address or anything you like.

Go to Admin -> Configuration -> HidePrice Settings under Call for price Settings tab, you will notice that we have given a text area for personalized messages. Make sure that you’ve selected type as “Text”. This is where you can write your personalized message for your customers. Best practice is to tell them why a product price isn’t shown, next steps and how to proceed further. Keeping the purchase process simple, informing them how to buy specific products from your site is equally important. Depending upon your marketing and sales strategy you can write anything you want. Finally select the categories (multi-select) to associate Call for price with.

Call for Price as Request a Quote Form

You can configure call for price tab to display a form for your customers to fill. This is a great way for you to touch base with your customers. Just configure the way you want and it will display a form like shown below.


We have also enabled a powerful security code (Captcha) in this form to prevent SPAM comments and requests. Other fields in the form are self explanatory.

Overriding Call for Price Global Settings

Overriding global call for price settings is easy, all you have to do is edit the specific product on which you wish to either apply some other settings or willing to disable any rules. On the lest hand side menu bar, you will notice a tab called Magik Hideprice from here you can override the default category settings and choose which option should be applied on this particular product.

I hope Call for Price extension will help you define settings for hundreds of products in much easier fashion. Moreover, you will be able to touch base with your customers in an efficient manner.