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Magento Bulk Price Changer Extension is Live

We are glad to announce our new Magento Extension which helps in managing/changing product prices, special prices of hundreds of products all in once. Mass product update was always a pain when store owners run a campaign and they give special discounts. Magento store owners/administrators end up editing each product just to change the price or special price. This is very tedious and time consuming task. Consider how much time an administrator has to spent to change the product price or special price for 200 products?

This is where Magento Bulk Price Changer extension comes handy. This mass product price changer extension smartly presents a familiar Magento interface to select the desired product(s) once then apply actions i.e Increase or decrease product price or special price of any or all selected products. This saves massive time and energy.

Mass Product Price Changer Features

Following are the features of Magento Bulk Price Manager Extension:

  1. Product prices or special prices can be increased or decreased.
  2. Product prices can be increased/decreased by either fixed amount or percentage of current amount.
  3. Familiar interactive grid for product selection helps your select products like you would in default Magento catalog.

Magento Bulk Price Changer/Manager extension is so simple and very ease to use that you would instantly fall in love with. All you are supposed to do is select the products needs intended for price update then simply select the amount by which the product price or special price needs to be either increase or decreased, fixed or percent of current price. That’s it.

Extension’s Screenshots:

Following are the admin panel screenshots of the extension.

Magento Bulk Price Changer bulk_price_admin2

If you have any questions about this extension please visit product page or email us at [email protected]