Magento Age Verifier – Age Verification Magento Extension

Magento age verifier is a complete age verification extension that is designed to be a dead-easy adult verification system for Magento stores - so as a Magento administrator you can restrict minors from ordering products meant for adults. Age verifier Magento extension easily carry out age verification check by showing age verification page prompting customers to verify their age.


Magento Versions

1.9x 1.8x 1.7x
30 days money back30 days money back
6 months free upgrade6 months free upgrade
90 days free support90 days free support

Key Features

  • Installation
  • Customizable Actions
  • 100s of Use Cases

Age Check Layer for your products.

If you sell products such as wine, cigarettes, or dangerous goods, then you might want to discourage visitors under a certain age from browsing your website. You can do this by adding an age selection form to your storefront.

Restrict Under Age or Minors to purchase certain products

Eliminate age-restricted product sales to minors, prevents minors from accessing restricted products for a wide range of reasons especially when a product is about alcohol and tobacco sales, rated entertainment, gift purchases, subscription-based services, guns etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restrict the user before adding the product to cart?
Yes, Age Verifier extension will add Magento age restriction form before adding products to the cart which are marked as age verified. Once the user fills the details in form & submit product will get automatically added to cart.
Can I track & keep all age verified users log?
Yes, Magento Age Verifier extension will list all the users which have filled the form in admin under "Age Verifier" tab with birth dates. For logged in users email addresses are also stored.
Is it possible to have an age verification when a new member register?
No, Magento Age Verifier extension adds an Age verification page to restrict minors from purchasing online. In our next release, we are providing an option to prevent underage registrations based on configurable age limit.
Can I set age restriction for the specific product?
Yes, Using Magento age filter extension you can set age restriction form for a specific product.
Can I see customer form data in admin?
Yes, using Magento Age Verifier extension you can see customer data in admin for future use.
Which type of products are supported with Magento Age Filter?
Currently, simple & configurable products are supported with Age Verifier extension. In our next release, we are providing support for all product types.

Release Notes

Magento Extension version 0.2.0

  • New General setting in System > Configuration
  • Admin email notification
  • Added Custom Redirect URL
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Magento 1.9.3 version

Magento Extension version 0.1.0

  • Initial release