How to Translate Text in OpenCart?

Shops/Stores serving a wider array of customers across multiple countries, it may become necessary to add multiple language options for your customers.

 Translate Text in OpenCart

  1. Open your Opencart Default directory via File Manager or FTP access.
  2. Go to catalog > language > english. Make a copy of the folder and rename it to your-language-name
  3. Then in your-language-name you'll find a file english.php rename it to your-language-name.php
  4. You need to translate all files in subfolders (account, checkout, and file your-language-name.php
  5. Open files with any php/text editor software.
  6. E.g
    To translate My Account from header
    Go to catalog > language > your-language-folder > common > header.php and change text for variable $_['text_account']

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