How to Revert Patch in Magento?

To solve a range of security issues, Magento releases security patches that should be applied to the Magento installation. The patch is a small .sh file that you can upload to your server, and execute with an SSH command. The reason behind these patches release is that they can be applied very quickly.It’s not that difficult.The easiest way is to follow the steps you used to originally apply the patch, but this time using -R at the end of the command.

Step1:- Go to the Magento install root directory.
Give the following command to a user who can (authorized to) write Magento files:

Step2:-Enter the following command as a user with sufficient privileges to write to Magento files (typically, the web server user or root):

sh -R
Ex:- sh -R

Step3:- If you have executed this command correctly, the following message will be displayed

Patch was applied/reverted successfully.

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